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Containment The Zombie Puzzler PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jason Boyd   
Sunday, 11 March 2012 23:44

Containment The Zombie Puzzler


By Bootsnake Games



With the success of zombies recently it is hard to tell what zombie games are worth checking out and which ones are better left dead. Most think of zombie games as being Left 4 Dead and Dead Island. Well who says we can't enjoy a good zombie puzzle game? Bootsnake Games has delivered and certainly pleased us braineaters here at Living Dead Media.




Now I know you're thinking zombies and puzzles don't mix right? Well most do not think of the success of Plants Vs Zombies. Yeah we know its technically a "tower defense" game but it does feature comic zombies trying to eat brains. Don't get us wrong this does have plenty of blood and zombie dismemberment to keep you sicko's entertained.




The concept is pretty simple, zombies have invaded your town and its up to you and your crew of police, military, punks, and even high school cheerleader-types. Now you have to match up the corresponding groups around the zombies in order to take them out ala Bejewled. But there are a few twists.....



You are given some nasty little weapons in order to clear out sections as needed. Air raids, molotovs, grenades, and lightening rods help deal with pesky groups of zombies. There are also bio-hazard suits that will help even the playing field if you find yourself short of a certain type of character. The game gets pretty intense with a few twists and turns such as falling objects, explosions, and yes even killer fonts. As you progress throughout the levels it tells a story about the survivors and their battle with the living impaired. The player will find several possible causes of the outbreak.



But don't think this will be a walk in the park as the zombies have some nasty tricks as well. The game gets fast past as you progress and the zombies will not wait on you to make your move. If you lag around to much they will start increasing their numbers making it hard to find matches. There are normal zombies, mutant zombies, and the dreaded bloated zombies that if taken down will explode and infect anything near by. There are even boss battles thrown in for good measure.



Fans of zombie games and or puzzles will have an awesome time with this. I am still playing it and I bought it last week. It can be picked up on Steam platform for the nice price of 4.99. Well worth it and loads of fun. Keeps the skills sharp in so many ways. We give this game two zombie thumbs up.




Purchase Containment The Zombie Puzzler at the Steam Store

Bootsnake Games Official Site

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